My Morning Awakens

wake with a plan


My mornings begin with the anticipation of a new start, a clean slate, and a new day. The moment I wake up, the process of getting ready for the day ahead shifts into action.  I already have a plan for the day because I have set that plan in motion the night before.  Implementing my plan when I wake up gives me a purpose in life and a sense of accomplishment.  If I were to wake up with no plan I would wander aimlessly through the day accomplishing little and feeling depressed, my life would begin on a downward spiral.  I am not a proponent of waking up to nothingness, we were created to accomplish great things, and to help others. I make a commitment each evening to have a plan for the next day.  I take a few minutes to formulate a plan for tomorrow and I  wake up with enthusiasm to carry out that plan for the new day.  It is not hard to make a commitment that takes only a few minutes to enrich my life each day. I encourage you to have a plan for tomorrow.

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