Our Artificial World Will Not Endure

My first draft of this article was not my best, the second time around I awakened late at night and was moved to reedit my original thoughts, the words just seemed to flow. I urge you to take a moment of your precious time to read this captivating story which will not disappoint. It’s about mans inventions, modifications, and creations that will not endure.

Is anything natural in todays world? Has everything become modified to some degree? Have we synthetically or artificially manufactured concoctions that mimick, tweak, or reinvent about anything a person can think of.

The original pattern of Gods creation and natures perfect rhythm which is in splendid harmony with all that surrounds us is under attack. The allure of money, greed, and control has become a revolving door that seeks to capitalize on modifications that are not natural. That revolving door never stops and keeps turning faster without comprehending that enough is enough. It continuously opens into new realms of inventions created by man who actually believes he has mastered the power to control the destiny of mankind, the universe, and earths future. Dark forces that refuse to accept the fact that man made creations and manipulations of the building blocks of the universe cannot undo what God has created.

We reengineer the dynamics that Mother Nature set in stone, we create the formulas that synthetically alter many things that were set in motion eons ago. We have come a long way some would say, yet we remain conflicted, incompatible with so many artificial things that cause us problems physically, mentally, and spiritually. In many cases we departed from the natural ways we were ordained to embrace. We were intended be in harmony with God and our surroundings, but we are out of balance now because we have neglected our soul for the arrogance of the thought that we control the order and proceedings of the universe and the world we live in. The belief that we can invent a new reality that modifies Gods plan creates an unstable standard that will eventually collapse on us. Only God is in control and has the power to command the vastness of the universe and our world.

Through God we become enlightened and then all things are possible, without God we are nothing more than a lost soul wandering aimlessly, devising ways that artificially fill us with deceptive gratification. How small we must look to our Master who gazes upon us from above, yet he forgives us. The time draws near, it’s been said for years. Someday the time will be here, it’s then we wish we were sincere. The attempt to artificially manufacture, control, and manipulate all things will be crushed in due time and many will be quashed by the Master of all. It is then reality will be evident and the artificial, synthetic creations we have endeared will be destroyed. There is no need to wait for the power of God to be within us which will guide us safely home. Count on the fact that all will be lost if time expires and our soul is alone with the creations of man who is unable to discover the map that leads us home.

The Despair Of Change

We owe it to ourself to  make a genuine attempt to navigate through changes in our life so we can enjoy peace and harmony in our heart and in the hearts of others.

The world we remember from our childhood days has faded into the past and the people we grew up with also changed based on the passage of time and experiences in their life. In fact, we are all changing at this very moment, possibly unaware of the transformation we are going through. Time marches onward with each new moment presenting something different from the last. Change can initially be quite a shock, there is no need to be bitter because it will only make things worse. We have a tendency to be stressed and agitated with any action that is considered out of the norm we are accustomed to. When we look at the present and assess its merit based on recollections of past, it can bring heartache and despair because things are not the same. Whether we like it or not, change will affect us at some point in time, it is part of the natural progression of all things. If we understand that change offers a new set of challenges to deal with, we can take that opportunity to adjust how we manage our life. We can implement a plan to move forward with a new purpose that helps us realize we can alter our life to meet the issues we face.

Change can cause us to become withdrawn, agitated, or remorseful. It’s normal to take a little time and do what we must to sort through our emotions, then we should move on with our life. It’s ok to look back and remember the past, but reformation will take us into the future and give us a great opportunity to face tomorrow with a new outlook. Sooner or later we have to deal with change or let it fester until it defeats us. To be defeated is to give up and that unrest will cause us discomfort. If we cannot adapt to change and are unwilling to take the necessary steps to move on, the world will pass us by, leaving us alone and bitter. In the midst of anxiety we should strive to find a benevolent reason to keep marching onward with resolution, determination, strength, and courage.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when change occurs. Spinning our wheels will not bring back the past nor will it transport us into the future. It will only stop our momentum, leaving us stuck on one moment in time that can thwart our desire to move on. Irritation and aggravation sets in and our efforts to make amends becomes very frustrating. We are destined to flow gently with developments in our life, just as gentle words and a smile can work wonders and miracles. The sooner we accept change, the sooner our life becomes free from ingrained ideals that robs our happiness, keeps us stirred up, and keeps us from engaging rationally with each other.

When the time comes that we no longer have the urgency to navigate through various changes in our life, we have lost our ability to maximize the present. If we are not in the present, we must be in the past because we have failed to put forth the effort to resolve issues that advance our understanding of developments in our life. Is it ideal to be agitated and unwilling to progress or compromise if change affects our happiness and way of life? I believe it’s better to find a way to maneuver with change for acceptable resolutions than to completely dismiss it. We must live our own life, make our own decisions, and in the end be judged for what we did with our life. We owe it to ourself to  make a genuine attempt to navigate through changes in our life so we can enjoy peace and harmony in our heart and in the hearts of others.

If We Could See Ourself As Others See Us

Failures are often attributed to doubting ourself, leaving our true identity clouded by our own insecurity.

It could be extraordinary if we had the insight to see ourself as others see us. We could understand what an exceptional person we are or what an exceptional person we could become. It’s easy to sell ourself short without realizing the potential or goodness others see in us. Often we don’t give ourself credit for the talents we display or for the talents we keep in reserve and are reluctant use. Failures are usually attributed to doubting ourself, leaving our true identity clouded by our own insecurity. If only we could see ourselves as others see us.

Enemies Tempt by Arrogance & Evil

Happiness in the heart in the heart with God at the helm is better than all the arrogance and evil spewed by those who thrown away Gods principles. Pray to God with all your heart and blessings to all.

The temptation and excitement to be drawn into devious situations that promise fulfillment is always present, ready to nab you at your weakest moment. We have all been there and hopefully overcame the challenges of that moment. True happiness occurs from following your moral code that should have been cultivated through teachings of righteousness at a young age and continuing through adulthood. A person flourishes because they have built their foundation for life on scriptural principals. Evil will challenge every day to dominate thoughts and actions, but it cannot win if a person calls upon the righteous foundation on which they stand.

Many countries stand up and crow, they worship their money, their power, and they promote acts which poison their people. This does not have to happen, but we allow it to happen because we follow instead of leading. We all have the power to fracture the control that chokes the human spirit and the power to expel all who seek to exploit us. The immense power of people praying for action and guidance to overcome the grip that has been slowly tightening around our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can free us from those who set out to control, manipulate, and exploit us for monetary or personal gain. The force of evil never wants us to be unified because there is colossal power through unity as a human race and unity in prayer. Constant division by political parties, race, gender, internal and national conflicts keeps us in an uproar, unable to come together as a country or a world for our spiritual growth and awakening. We find it hard to concentrate and the everyday static from vile sources seek to thwart our search for truth. Evil is persistent, often unseen but it can be recognized and will always be defeated by goodness.

The arrogant infest our life everyday, they tell us how we should live, what we should do, and how we should spend our money. Many of the pompous schmucks speak out of both sides of their mouth, telling us what we want to hear while doing something else. They believe their lies, they are deceitful, and place little value on life. Words from the mouths of the conceited wreak of venom, their flamboyant speech is insincere.  They will crow and they will eventually belly flop on their own words.  They will hang them selves because they have defied righteousness.

Our enemies taunt us. They say we have no God who will help us in our time of need. Yet we know this is not true, still our enemies persist. The day is promised when our enemies will be reduced to nothing.  We must take refuge in that promise.  When we go to bed at night and roll out in the morning, who sustained us through the night? Who will sustain us through the day? Who do we call upon when we are in distress, who do we call upon when we need mercy and our prayer to be heard? Who lends us an ear for our words, and who do we call upon when we want to live in safety. There is only one correct answer to these questions, the answer is God. Our offerings are those spoken of in the scriptures, of morality, and goodness.

Happiness in the heart with God at the helm is better than all the deceitful arrogance and evil spewed by those who have lost Gods principles.  Stick to your morals, values and principles. Pray to God with all your heart and blessings to all.

Now Is The Time

Lord, when we are feeble and frail, let us be able to reflect and know we did some good. Let us not look back and wish we did something when we did nothing.

Who doesn’t dream of living a long life, particularly after retirement? Everyone does, especially if that long life includes health and happiness. Unfortunately many people do not realize their dream due to physical maladies which wreak havoc on the body. They worked so hard for those they loved. Life is so very precious, we have the opportunity to make today a little better than yesterday whether we are still working or retired.

Retirement is embraced with great anticipation when we face challenging days on the job. If we are fortunate to be retired, we recall the days which summoned all of our patience and skills to survive the drama surrounding working with others. We dream about how nice it would be to wake up each morning knowing we are the ones in charge of managing our time. What a wonderful feeling of freedom to rise at the break of day and realize this day is my day, I choose what I accomplish today. We survived, and we are retired.

Anytime is a good time, but retirement is a perfect time to call upon our strengths to make the world a better place for everyone. If there is some small deed we can do to resolve an issue or to make life better for others, now is the perfect time to step up to the plate. We are retired, we have time, we have resources, we have experience, we have what it takes to help others. Our time can be filled with good works and making ourself useful to others. What is the point of living through many decades if we can’t see the world was made better because of something nice we did?

God knows we all long for freedom from a daily job and he knows we need his help. We should ask for Gods help to guide us in a direction that grants us the knowledge to spend our time wisely so that we are a blessing to others. Lord, when we are feeble and frail, let us be able to reflect and know we did some good. Let us not look back and wish we did something when we did nothing. Now is the time, for retirement has brought us the wisdom to share our knowledge, love and ability to help others.

Overwhelming Obligations

When we are submerged with the weight of massive obligations, whether at home, at work, or with friends, or family, there is no other way to surface except to face our commitments courageously each day until we can find a way to live peacefully with our obligations and manage them. 

From time to time our obligations evolve into something so big and time consuming we cannot focus on the ability to think and function rationally. Our focus becomes disorganized and erratic. This emotional state leads to exasperation and we become very dejected. It becomes hard to eat, sleep, and maintain a sense of happiness around others.

Some say enormous obligations are the price we pay for being human and they are probably correct. The price for being human is easily tossed around but that price is difficult to understand when we are struggling for existence in a world which requires prudent thought and actions. Many people face immense commitments due to work, family dilemmas, health issues, or personal issues.  They must face these obligations daily and may not be equipped to handle them or to find a way that balances their life with their obligations. These tremendous responsibilities drain every ounce of energy and they demand so much time our happiness suffers.

When we are submerged with the weight of massive obligations, whether at home, at work, or with friends, or family, there is no other way to surface except to face our commitments courageously each day until we can find a way to live peacefully with the demands placed on us.

Each day can be a struggle but we can overcome the burdens which seek to control our life. Some people are able to rise to the occasion and free them self from the grasp of obligations. Others desperately need our help to intervene with compassion and guide them to understand how obligations are controlling their life. Facing responsibilities head on can bring freedom and happiness. Looking for avenues to cope with or manage obligations will give us the best opportunity to have more time for happiness. Don’t feel trapped, there are always options.

May the overwhelming obligations that seek to conquer our happiness be lifted and may we share our happiness with those we love.  Everyone deserves happiness and balance in our life.

If I Had To Choose One Life Changing Word, It Would Be? …………………………………………………

Proof is in the word, anything we accomplish starts with “believe” and it shall be accomplished.

Believe. Life has a way of becoming bogged down with daily routines. They are neither moving forward or backward, they merely mark time in the moments, hours, and days that consume our life. We are either unable or unwilling to take the initiative to be fulfilled in our daily life. If I had to choose one word which could inspire, motivate, and lead to fulfillment in life, it would be “believe”. The word itself creates actions which begin to fulfill dreams. Proof is in the word, anything we accomplish starts with “believe” and it shall be accomplished. If we “believe” with all our heart, we can accomplish anything we set out to do. The word “believe” can summons a powerful force within which starts processes that brings ideas into reality. Believe in God Almighty and in yourself and your future will be unlimited. What is the most important word you would choose?

Confronting Our State of Mind

Our liabilities can stay with us and burrow into the deepest part of our mind. If we do not confront them, we are in danger of handing our life over to discouraging states which occupy our time and frame of mind

We might hold on to a grudge, be ill tempered, or feel dishonored from occurrences in the past? These emotional reactions along with many others are very real and in many instances become liabilities and anxieties. We may feel like they have been reconciled, yet they are in the background pushing through when we lack self control. When these emotions push to the surface, we have a chance to confront them head on.

Our liabilities can stay with us and burrow into the deepest part of our mind. If we do not confront them, we are in danger of being adversely affected by their harsh reality. We know that faith is belief in the unseen. There are times when we cannot see our liabilities, yet we know they are present. Our faith inspires us to ask for our shortcomings to be revealed and destroyed in a manner which cleanses, clears, and resets our body, mind, and spirit. If we do not manage and destroy our emotional liabilities, we will certainly struggle to exist as a highly functional being.

Spiritual responsibility is crucial to our overall well being and specifically to manage the nuances which causes us emotional duress. Our spirituality is personal, yet we can be open to friends who are in harmony with our faith. They can convey unbiased feedback about how we portray ourself in situations of stress and as well as situations of confidence. We must have faith that answers will come to provide direction, and to remove our emotional struggles which cling to us.

Our spirituality and faith are greater than anything which backs into the voids of our consciousness and causes us anxiety. We can overcome anything we set our mind to. Our liabilities rob us of the opportunity to keep positive energy moving toward our fulfillment of happiness in life. If we dedicate time to understand why we are embracing our liabilities and anxieties, we can persevere to overcome their emotional trigger points.

There is much to be said about being positive, and never surrendering to the emotional liabilities which casts a cloud over us. We desperately need to raise our existence to a level that brings out the best we have to offer. It is an easy commitment to suggest, but it is one which requires hard work to overcome. Are we up to the challenge?

Our Garden Of Life

Our gardens parallel our life. Both require the right ingredients in order to mature.

Gardening is a matter of passion with cycles of misfortune and success just like life. Our garden and our life are synced with the sun and earth which dances with grace, revolving and tilting with gentle movements. Our seasons, days, and nights march onward with the precision of the Great Conductor who has orchestrated the rhythm of our universe. There is a time for rest and a time for growth. Our gardens flourish with a cycle of life in tune with the seasons, sprouting forth and maturing with the help of nature and divine guidance. Seasons begin with spring, we prepare our garden for seeds, enrich the soil, and diligently nurse the plants. During the summer we rid the weeds which choke the plants. We must water the bounty so it can thrive and be harvested. In the fall, we must clean up our garden and get rid of old plant debris which can harbor pests that will infest our garden in the spring. When winter comes, the soil slumbers during the short blustery days of winter only to awaken in time for spring. Gardening, like our life, is always an ongoing process of cultivation that must continue in order to reap the rewards.

Our garden and our lives are intertwined, each requiring prudent care, faith in our efforts, and patience to reach maturity. A garden cannot thrive on its own accord just as we cannot thrive on our own accord. Any yield is based on the effort we put into it. Without the divine foundation of building blocks for all life and the maintenance of that foundation and building blocks, we wither just as our garden will. As humans we have immense responsibilities to ensure our efforts are always moving forward in a manner which enriches our life and the life of others. If we cultivate our life with goodness and diligent faith in God throughout our life cycle, we cannot be overcome by forces which cast us by the wayside.

Life is impossible to be on the upswing all the time, we will have ups and downs. It is worthwhile to recognize the downs, but it is not productive to dwell on them. If we truly want to live to the fullest, we must put forth the effort to responsibly cultivate our lives with Gods nourishment. Think of thriving, if we introduce the right amount of care, nutrients, and information into our bodies, we give our self the best chance to succeed in life. We always have the opportunity to reset our garden as well as our life if we neglect the work needed to maintain it. Throughout our life we make adjustments for our course to coincide with actions needed to thrive.

We have two choices for our garden and our life. We can cultivate our garden and our life throughout its cycle by nourishing it, taking care of it, and respecting it, or we can give up and let the weeds of neglect have their way. No one desires to be overtaken by neglect, depleted of the life force needed to prosper. A life cultivated with unwavering faith in our Almighty, with love, and with determination to put forth the best we have to offer is a life which reaches maturity. With that maturity, we have gained the wisdom and knowledge to deliver us to a higher level of existence.

Let me conclude this by stating, “I am not perfect by far”. Much cultivation needs to be initiated in my own life. I have ups and downs like everyone and in no way am I an expert on how to live life, nor am I anywhere close to having the knowledge of a theologian, or any other highly educated professional. My words come straight from my heart and my hope is that we can all grow and learn from our own intuition and from the knowledge others have shared with us. As always, my greatest wish is for the best to come your way.

Life Doesn’t Have To Be For Naught

No one has to live life for naught. Don’t embrace agony and disgust, acknowledge it and strive for responsible happiness and fulfillment in life.

There is no way life was created to be lived for naught. Happiness enters our life every moment and deserves to be at the forefront of our endeavors.

Unfortunately there is a lot of agony and disgust in our world. If we allow ourselves to accept the miserable elements of life, we should also seize the moments in life that give us delight. In our realm, life is guaranteed to throw good and bad at us. Balance, recognition, and reconciliation of ups and downs are key to a happy life.

When things are bad, step back and realize they will not last forever. When things are good, also realize they will not last forever. Every upward cycle is followed by a downward cycle and vice versa. We need to understand that conditions do not last forever. Eventually a correction or a balance occurs to reset things to the norm. When that reset occurs, happiness should be the standard.

Why lead a life focused on the dread in our world? Acknowledge it but don’t dwell on it, allow happiness to dominate all negativity and allow cheerfulness to surface. Our reaction to good or bad will determine how we are perceived by others. Goodness and happiness can always overcome darkness and dread by consciously making an effort to bring calmness to the surface, by getting rid of the storm and the rough seas, and by seeking spiritual guidance to steer a path to happiness. We should understand life must be lived with the realization that we all have a mission to accomplish. That mission is to lead a responsible life of happiness and fulfillment.

Life is not lived for naught unless we embrace and fully ingest the negativity which is spewed upon us from various sources. No one wants to be around a person who thrives on negativity, agony, and disgust. Life can be full of happiness if our mindset is focused on creating it. Happiness is the motivation which brings fulfillment and inspiration to our existence. Our life is not a solitary life lived for ourselves. Our life is full of diverse qualities which shouts for happiness and is full of actions which must imprint desirable traits for others to embrace.

Acknowledge the bad and be aware of its presence, but more importantly, seek and live to embrace goodness and happiness. In doing so, life is never lived for naught.