Our Artificial World Will Not Endure

My first draft of this article was not my best, the second time around I awakened late at night and was moved to reedit my original thoughts, the words just seemed to flow. I urge you to take a moment of your precious time to read this captivating story which will not disappoint. It’s about mans inventions, modifications, and creations that will not endure.

Is anything natural in todays world? Has everything become modified to some degree? Have we synthetically or artificially manufactured concoctions that mimick, tweak, or reinvent about anything a person can think of.

The original pattern of Gods creation and natures perfect rhythm which is in splendid harmony with all that surrounds us is under attack. The allure of money, greed, and control has become a revolving door that seeks to capitalize on modifications that are not natural. That revolving door never stops and keeps turning faster without comprehending that enough is enough. It continuously opens into new realms of inventions created by man who actually believes he has mastered the power to control the destiny of mankind, the universe, and earths future. Dark forces that refuse to accept the fact that man made creations and manipulations of the building blocks of the universe cannot undo what God has created.

We reengineer the dynamics that Mother Nature set in stone, we create the formulas that synthetically alter many things that were set in motion eons ago. We have come a long way some would say, yet we remain conflicted, incompatible with so many artificial things that cause us problems physically, mentally, and spiritually. In many cases we departed from the natural ways we were ordained to embrace. We were intended be in harmony with God and our surroundings, but we are out of balance now because we have neglected our soul for the arrogance of the thought that we control the order and proceedings of the universe and the world we live in. The belief that we can invent a new reality that modifies Gods plan creates an unstable standard that will eventually collapse on us. Only God is in control and has the power to command the vastness of the universe and our world.

Through God we become enlightened and then all things are possible, without God we are nothing more than a lost soul wandering aimlessly, devising ways that artificially fill us with deceptive gratification. How small we must look to our Master who gazes upon us from above, yet he forgives us. The time draws near, it’s been said for years. Someday the time will be here, it’s then we wish we were sincere. The attempt to artificially manufacture, control, and manipulate all things will be crushed in due time and many will be quashed by the Master of all. It is then reality will be evident and the artificial, synthetic creations we have endeared will be destroyed. There is no need to wait for the power of God to be within us which will guide us safely home. Count on the fact that all will be lost if time expires and our soul is alone with the creations of man who is unable to discover the map that leads us home.

Author: Steve

I believe what is spoken from the heart and soul speaks volumes about who we really are. When our heart and soul becomes overpowered by ego, anger, deception and insincerity, we often speak foolishly. If actions and words are not from our innermost being we are not who we want to be. I believe in speaking from the heart and soul, I've found most folks prefer genuine people. I encourage you to listen to your heart and soul, to speak of the things that have brought light and wisdom into your life. The topics I present are heartfelt and come from years of experience with life, research and common sense. I extend my sincere wishes for the best to come your way. Thank you God for uplifting traits within us all that brings out the best of who we are. I look forward to your comments.

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