Actions Can Deceive

Life experiences can help overcome deceitful actions

A persons actions can fool us unless we have diverse experiences in life. If a person is boisterous we might think they are obnoxious, perhaps they are, but it is possible they might actually be nice. We might see a beautiful person who is shy and reserved, perhaps they are, but we could become content and be unaware of deceitful behavior which was used to exploit us. If we contact people with a closed mind, with little experience of a diverse life, and in a disrespectful or aggressive manner, they are likely to be very defensive and we may not realize the good traits within them.

The world is full of people who present them self exactly as they are, what you see is what you get. However the world is also full of deceitful people who mask their true self, what you see is not what you get.

We have a lot in common with animals, we use different tactics for our survival based on the outcome we want. Animals use many skills to deceive, such as camouflage, threatening vocal behavior, or a threatening pose. Humans are no different, they also pose many things through deception in order to leverage them self. Folks may proclaim lifelong bonds with friends if it benefits them, yet never return. People may guarantee many things, when actually they are looking for a way to take advantage of a situation.

Diverse experiences in life helps to clearly understand actions regardless of deceit. Always put yourself in the most beneficial position around others, or at least stay on equal ground. Be yourself, protect yourself, and see through the veil. Our experience in life is valuable to overcome the imposters who seek to deceive and take advantage of weakness or in some cases goodness. Live wisely, evaluate actions before choosing words, and know who you are dealing with.

Stay Informed, Don’t Lag Behind

Epic proportions of information are available for those who are driven to learn and stay engaged in society.

The multitude of information obtainable today is extraordinary. Never in our history have we had so much information available to us. Ancient rulers were able to control their followers through the flow of information. Only a few volumes of information were contained in the form of books which were closely guarded by a select few. Those select few were able to isolate libraries or destroy them for the sake of control over people. Today information is available in epic proportions and control over people is more challenging.

If we are not staying informed, we can expect a profound negative effect on our life. With so much information available it is easy to believe we have no need to learn because it’s all stored in a data bank where someone must have access, or somebody knows what is stored in the data bank. Why would we need to know about information if it is accessible when we need it? Accessing information only when its needed might be to late. Life is such a whirlwind that procrastinating about staying informed will leave us in the dust. Massive files are quickly created and expanded which demands swift action when making decisions. We cannot be uninformed about issues which affect our life. The ability to efficiently process information and to get engaged in the surge is a requirement to stay current.

It is accepted knowledge the average person uses only 10% of their mental capacity and a genius uses only 15%. Imagine our brain which has a potential of 100%, yet we use only 1/10 of that capacity. That is quite astounding considering there is 85% to 90% of our brain which is just idling. We have not even come close to discovering how to access and utilize that part of our brain which is idling. If we just commit to absorb one more percent of information we could become be better equipped to excel and make decisions. One percent does not sound like much, it would only require a little enlightenment, training, and the will to grow mentally.

We should never become complacent to the point where we are not in tune with the times. The information deluge is not going to slow down. Stay alert, stay focused, and stay interested or the collector of the heap which swiftly fades will come knocking at the door. We could depend on others to keep us informed, but in reality we can’t depend on anyone but ourself. Don’t let information overload be the reason to coast through life uninformed and unprepared. Why give someone the advantage because they are more informed? Make a commitment to learn something new each day, that is an easy task which requires minimum time and effort.

The Goldenrod Proclaims Its Crown And The Bees Fulfill Their Mission.

The morning dawned when I arose to peer out of my sun room window. In the calm serene air, the Goldenrod stood tall in the adjacent field. While competing foliage faltered and grew weary, the yellow gold of the Goldenrod was aglow proclaiming to be queen with its crown announcing, “it’s my time to shine”. The goldenrods, their beauty to behold in a field of dew. The unending sea of golden plumes in the distance begging for admiration. The waves of goldenrods like a carpet of gold. I must get a picture of this field of riches, my phone in hand, out the door I went to capture a snapshot of the golden garden. When I neared the field of Goldenrods, the bees were hustling, beginning their long day of collecting nectar to feed and maintain their hives while winter reigns. What a beautiful sight and a perfect time to quiet the mind and absorb this serene surrounding.

In harmony with natures best, I returned to the comfort of my sun room when suddenly a thought entered my mind. The Goldenrod proclaimed its rightful crown and fulfilled its purpose. The bees are fulfilling their mission proclaiming their hive worthy for the winter. We also must be the Goldenrod and the bees who fulfills our mission and arrives at our destination. To wander unprepared, lost in body and soul, leaves our mission incomplete and our destination unprepared. The lessons in nature are lessons in life.

I like to call Autumn the golden months. Let us prepare for our destination and fulfill our destiny just as the Goldenrods and the bees achieved their mission. On this beautiful Autumn day my most passionate inclination is to wish you the very best during the golden months of Autumn.

Life Doesn’t Have To Be For Naught

No one has to live life for naught. Don’t embrace agony and disgust, acknowledge it and strive for responsible happiness and fulfillment in life.

There is no way life was created to be lived for naught. Happiness enters our life every moment and deserves to be at the forefront of our endeavors.

Unfortunately there is a lot of agony and disgust in our world. If we allow ourselves to accept the miserable elements of life, we should also seize the moments in life that give us delight. In our realm, life is guaranteed to throw good and bad at us. Balance, recognition, and reconciliation of ups and downs are key to a happy life.

When things are bad, step back and realize they will not last forever. When things are good, also realize they will not last forever. Every upward cycle is followed by a downward cycle and vice versa. We need to understand that conditions do not last forever. Eventually a correction or a balance occurs to reset things to the norm. When that reset occurs, happiness should be the standard.

Why lead a life focused on the dread in our world? Acknowledge it but don’t dwell on it, allow happiness to dominate all negativity and allow cheerfulness to surface. Our reaction to good or bad will determine how we are perceived by others. Goodness and happiness can always overcome darkness and dread by consciously making an effort to bring calmness to the surface, by getting rid of the storm and the rough seas, and by seeking spiritual guidance to steer a path to happiness. We should understand life must be lived with the realization that we all have a mission to accomplish. That mission is to lead a responsible life of happiness and fulfillment.

Life is not lived for naught unless we embrace and fully ingest the negativity which is spewed upon us from various sources. No one wants to be around a person who thrives on negativity, agony, and disgust. Life can be full of happiness if our mindset is focused on creating it. Happiness is the motivation which brings fulfillment and inspiration to our existence. Our life is not a solitary life lived for ourselves. Our life is full of diverse qualities which shouts for happiness and is full of actions which must imprint desirable traits for others to embrace.

Acknowledge the bad and be aware of its presence, but more importantly, seek and live to embrace goodness and happiness. In doing so, life is never lived for naught.

Blaming and Low Self Esteem

Blaming will not solve our problems and low self esteem must be overcome to find the magnificent core within us.

Developing the habit of blaming others seems to come natural. It is a weakness we all share occasionally. The patsies we use for our agonies can be ingenious and never ending. We have no problem blaming everyone when we encounter issues. If problems are created externally, they must be confronted in a way which brings resolution and progress without blame. If problems are created internally, the solution must come within, there can be no blame. Either way, we are in charge of determining how we ultimately deal with calamities. Blaming others will not resolve our problems.

Cultivating a habit to find excuses for low self esteem generates ineptness, perhaps because of faults we have adopted. Looking at our weaknesses and taking steps to eliminate them should be viewed as a project which cannot be taken personally. No one is worthless because they have taken steps to rise above their imperfections. Worthless is a term relegated to those who do nothing to perfect themselves. We all have a magnificent core, a special inside where purity is holy.

We are all born to find the magnificent core within us, when we reach for the holy spirit within our core, there should be no fault or no blame for others.

Ones Pattern & Picture, Your Responsibility

Your choice, either beautiful and on track or aimlessly in torment and drudgery.

The older we get, the more we become aware of aging. Recalling the excitement and innocence of our childhood becomes a task to recapture. When we look at earlier photos we are enamored by our youthful appearance and flawless face. Quickly we are reminded that we must acknowledge our aging facade. The passage of time is a realization we begrudgingly fall prey to.

All we have and all we do and think is registered within us and upon us. The pattern and picture of our life that emerges is up to us. There is no logical reason to go through life aimlessly and let thoughtlessness or randomness shape us. Surely as one embraces those acts, they will be severely weathered and repulsive. Our journey through time is up to us, it is our sole responsibility to emerge through the corridors of each moment beautifully and on track and not detour aimlessly into the vast expanse of torment and drudgery.

Have a beautiful day, it’s what you deserve. May the best be yours.