Imagination Brings Reality

So you don’t believe your imagination transforms visions into reality. Let me suggest that your imagination is not an unfulfilled vision in your mind but is in fact something that actually manifests itself and becomes reality.

If you have imagined something, it has already happened, it is about to happen or it will happen sometime. In order for anything to be accomplished, it had to be imagined by someone. Perhaps your vision may not materialize for you due to lack of focus, knowledge or motivation but it has or will become reality for someone else, somewhere, some time. Imagination brings conceptions to reality through events of the past, present or future. History eventually proves this because everything that mankind imagined will be recorded in the book of humanity which will be weighed on the scale of good or bad.

Imagination is not something that happens in a vacuum, which is void of thought. Imagination is a concept born in the mind that manifests itself somewhere, sometime with real outcomes and consequences.