Time To Waste – NOT

We don’t have a moment to waste on doing nothing when we should be doing something.


Ready, set, go, we have been born into the human race and the finish line will come. In the meantime we can manage our time and grow each day in some way, we can experience something small each day that enlighten’s us. These small revelations can bring discovery, joy, and peace to our life. A huge key to life progressing in a favorable manner is to learn from mistakes, from accomplishments, from elders, from youngsters, from theologians, and from other honorable sources. As long as we are alive we can never give up, we must learn. Nobody wants to suffer failure and decline from lack of knowledge or from lack of motivation to keep all of our  bodily systems functioning at an optimal level.

We can easily understand that it does not matter how old we are or how much we achieve in life, we must continue to manage our life and be engaged in life. Sometimes it takes determination and courage to constantly try new concepts, but that is exactly what must be done in order to progress. We were destined to learn the day we were born till the day we come to the finish line. Time seems slow or swift depending on age, either way it must be managed and not ignored if progress is to be made. When we reach the age where we make our own choices, we either go up, stall, or go down. We can gain all the tools to manage life’s timetable by following  the righteous path. If we challenge ourself we are bound learn, we are bound to make life better. A moment wasted is a moment that could have made a difference in our life or someone else’s life. Manage time wisely, the alternative is simply decline. Time belongs to us, even those who have nothing, have time. Once you’ve lost it, you can not get it back. We don’t have a moment to waste on doing nothing when we should be doing something.

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