Our Artificial World Will Not Endure

My first draft of this article was not my best, the second time around I awakened late at night and was moved to reedit my original thoughts, the words just seemed to flow. I urge you to take a moment of your precious time to read this captivating story which will not disappoint. It’s about mans inventions, modifications, and creations that will not endure.

Is anything natural in todays world? Has everything become modified to some degree? Have we synthetically or artificially manufactured concoctions that mimick, tweak, or reinvent about anything a person can think of.

The original pattern of Gods creation and natures perfect rhythm which is in splendid harmony with all that surrounds us is under attack. The allure of money, greed, and control has become a revolving door that seeks to capitalize on modifications that are not natural. That revolving door never stops and keeps turning faster without comprehending that enough is enough. It continuously opens into new realms of inventions created by man who actually believes he has mastered the power to control the destiny of mankind, the universe, and earths future. Dark forces that refuse to accept the fact that man made creations and manipulations of the building blocks of the universe cannot undo what God has created.

We reengineer the dynamics that Mother Nature set in stone, we create the formulas that synthetically alter many things that were set in motion eons ago. We have come a long way some would say, yet we remain conflicted, incompatible with so many artificial things that cause us problems physically, mentally, and spiritually. In many cases we departed from the natural ways we were ordained to embrace. We were intended be in harmony with God and our surroundings, but we are out of balance now because we have neglected our soul for the arrogance of the thought that we control the order and proceedings of the universe and the world we live in. The belief that we can invent a new reality that modifies Gods plan creates an unstable standard that will eventually collapse on us. Only God is in control and has the power to command the vastness of the universe and our world.

Through God we become enlightened and then all things are possible, without God we are nothing more than a lost soul wandering aimlessly, devising ways that artificially fill us with deceptive gratification. How small we must look to our Master who gazes upon us from above, yet he forgives us. The time draws near, it’s been said for years. Someday the time will be here, it’s then we wish we were sincere. The attempt to artificially manufacture, control, and manipulate all things will be crushed in due time and many will be quashed by the Master of all. It is then reality will be evident and the artificial, synthetic creations we have endeared will be destroyed. There is no need to wait for the power of God to be within us which will guide us safely home. Count on the fact that all will be lost if time expires and our soul is alone with the creations of man who is unable to discover the map that leads us home.

Commitments Demand Dedication

A huge measure of character is how much others can count on us. Make your words count and your actions be true to your heart.

Deciding to to make a commitment is a very serious consideration because it becomes a measure of honor, trust, integrity, and what we are willing to give up in order to accomplish a covenant. A commitment is not to be taken lightly and by all means should be fulfilled if you pledged to do so. However unforeseen circumstances which are out of our control can prevent a follow through and provide an honorable release from a commitment. Conversely, unwarranted departures from commitments will eventually lead to the loss of respect from others.

How many times have you made a commitment and immediately known it was a mistake. Try to commit only to the things you truly care about because commitments require honorable words and actions. Honoring your word is hard work and finding a way to balance life while fulfilling a pledge can be challenging. Obligations require wise use of time and relentless effort to fulfill. Commitments must not be consented to on impulse, they must be thought out and based on honorable intentions and serious dedication regardless of what it takes to fulfill them.

Think about the consequences of a commitment or a request and gauge whether you are up to the task. Is the undertaking something you are prepared to follow through with regardless of the resources, time and effort required? Is the commitment deserving, and how will complying with this vow affect you personally, professionally, and spiritually? A hasty commitment will ultimately culminate in a critical mistake resulting in failure, hard feelings, or remorse. Never agree to something you are not equipped to do or to something that will dishonor your moral code. If there is any doubt or you are not ready to execute, there is little need to agree to something you are not prepared for.

When things fall apart it’s easy to renege, give up, or not pay due diligence to a covenant that was promised. The consequences of a failed commitment can be intense and the intended delivery may be out of reach due to conflicting ideals, procrastinating, or unforeseen personal events. Backing out of the responsibility to fulfill an obligation is often attributed to not taking time to understand the complexity and requirements necessary to carry out the mission. This failure can become the yardstick others use to measure our integrity. We all make errors in judgement when it comes to commitments, hopefully past mistakes and age brings the wisdom to make better decisions for each new commitment we consider agreeing to.

Commitments can be comforting, calming, scary, and fulfilling. They can initiate a new start in life and prevent unhealthy actions. In order for anyone to be taken seriously they must honor their commitments, otherwise they will not be considered trustworthy. Due diligence is required when making a commitment. Pros and cons must be contemplated and after careful consideration, an informed decision gives the best chance for a successful commitment. A huge measure of character is how much others can count on us. Make your words count and your actions be true to your heart.

The Despair Of Change

We owe it to ourself to  make a genuine attempt to navigate through changes in our life so we can enjoy peace and harmony in our heart and in the hearts of others.

The world we remember from our childhood days has faded into the past and the people we grew up with also changed based on the passage of time and experiences in their life. In fact, we are all changing at this very moment, possibly unaware of the transformation we are going through. Time marches onward with each new moment presenting something different from the last. Change can initially be quite a shock, there is no need to be bitter because it will only make things worse. We have a tendency to be stressed and agitated with any action that is considered out of the norm we are accustomed to. When we look at the present and assess its merit based on recollections of past, it can bring heartache and despair because things are not the same. Whether we like it or not, change will affect us at some point in time, it is part of the natural progression of all things. If we understand that change offers a new set of challenges to deal with, we can take that opportunity to adjust how we manage our life. We can implement a plan to move forward with a new purpose that helps us realize we can alter our life to meet the issues we face.

Change can cause us to become withdrawn, agitated, or remorseful. It’s normal to take a little time and do what we must to sort through our emotions, then we should move on with our life. It’s ok to look back and remember the past, but reformation will take us into the future and give us a great opportunity to face tomorrow with a new outlook. Sooner or later we have to deal with change or let it fester until it defeats us. To be defeated is to give up and that unrest will cause us discomfort. If we cannot adapt to change and are unwilling to take the necessary steps to move on, the world will pass us by, leaving us alone and bitter. In the midst of anxiety we should strive to find a benevolent reason to keep marching onward with resolution, determination, strength, and courage.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when change occurs. Spinning our wheels will not bring back the past nor will it transport us into the future. It will only stop our momentum, leaving us stuck on one moment in time that can thwart our desire to move on. Irritation and aggravation sets in and our efforts to make amends becomes very frustrating. We are destined to flow gently with developments in our life, just as gentle words and a smile can work wonders and miracles. The sooner we accept change, the sooner our life becomes free from ingrained ideals that robs our happiness, keeps us stirred up, and keeps us from engaging rationally with each other.

When the time comes that we no longer have the urgency to navigate through various changes in our life, we have lost our ability to maximize the present. If we are not in the present, we must be in the past because we have failed to put forth the effort to resolve issues that advance our understanding of developments in our life. Is it ideal to be agitated and unwilling to progress or compromise if change affects our happiness and way of life? I believe it’s better to find a way to maneuver with change for acceptable resolutions than to completely dismiss it. We must live our own life, make our own decisions, and in the end be judged for what we did with our life. We owe it to ourself to  make a genuine attempt to navigate through changes in our life so we can enjoy peace and harmony in our heart and in the hearts of others.