We Are More Than Just A Physical Body

We frequently look at our bodies as something that is physical, solid, observable, and perceptible.  If this is the case, how do we explain our will, our mind, and our spirit?

The overwhelming belief that our physical body projects who we are to ourself and to others is a total misunderstanding of who we really are. There is nothing on this earth we know better than ourself which should be all inclusive and not just a physical body. Many people worship the body they see in a mirror, completely ignoring the internal functions powered by God which sustains our life. Our physical body does not propel itself without an inner engine. It’s the inner workings of God which ignites all functions of the physical being we see in the mirror.

We look at our bodies as something physical, solid, observable, and perceptible. If this is how we see ourself, did we forget to consider our mind, will and emotions? Think for one moment of a living body and then an expired body, what propels life and energizes the body to function? When a body expires, it is physically present but there is nothing inside to sustain it. This empty vessel is not who we were, the divine energy that powered the body has escaped.  Although the expired body is present, it is incomplete and it would be unwise to consider only our physical body. A living body is fully functional both outwardly and internally. A live person is full of divine energy which propels life and determines who we really are.

Lets think of our mind as an infinite source of actions, ideas, and functions which come from God. These are internal forces powered by God that cannot be processed by our five senses. The internal mechanisms of God determine our actions that power the physical body, they must work together. Do not think for a minute that our physical body alone is who we are. It is our inner being,  the force of God, that brings forth the person we know. I consider it impossible to know the bounds of our body, mind, will, and emotions which work in harmony to give us the essence of life. The more we analyze ourself, the more we realize our external body is not who we are.  We begin to understand our physical appearance and actions are just a vehicle for our inner mechanisms which are orchestrated by God. We put so much emphasis on our external body that we totally neglect the infinite power of the mind which is of God and guides the operations of the physical body.

While our internal body runs the external body, we cannot afford to completely ignore our physical body, that would be a disaster. Examining and being fully aware of our outward appearance and presentation is a good starting point to discover the magnificence of God. Our existence can be modified by changing our eating habits, pursuing our spirituality, and by committing to exercise along with everything that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. This enhances the performance of our body, mind, will, and emotions. When we liberate ourself from the dilemmas we associate with our physical body, we are in a better position to be in touch with God.

Our quest to discover the potential of our mind, will and emotions should never be over run by our desire for the perfect physical body. It is important to maintain the body to ensure our engine fires properly, but putting all of our focus on the physical body ignores the potential for all of our systems to be balanced, in harmony, and to grow exponentially to achieve our true potential in life and with God. The realization that our inner fire controls the external flame is a good step to becoming a person who is at peace with their true self.

Everything in existence has an internal component that determines its external appearance and actions. Our body is no different, we have the divine power in us that sets in motion all the functions that power our life. Our external body is nothing without the internal component that brings our life force into the physical realm. If a person strives to keep their body in good condition and nourishes their heart and soul with the goodness of God’s word, consider yourself a wise person because your internal engine will guide your physical body with the utmost care.

Steve Cowgar

Overwhelming Obligations

When we are submerged with the weight of massive obligations, whether at home, at work, or with friends, or family, there is no other way to surface except to face our commitments courageously each day until we can find a way to live peacefully with our obligations and manage them. 

From time to time our obligations evolve into something so big and time consuming we cannot focus on the ability to think and function rationally. Our focus becomes disorganized and erratic. This emotional state leads to exasperation and we become very dejected. It becomes hard to eat, sleep, and maintain a sense of happiness around others.

Some say enormous obligations are the price we pay for being human and they are probably correct. The price for being human is easily tossed around but that price is difficult to understand when we are struggling for existence in a world which requires prudent thought and actions. Many people face immense commitments due to work, family dilemmas, health issues, or personal issues.  They must face these obligations daily and may not be equipped to handle them or to find a way that balances their life with their obligations. These tremendous responsibilities drain every ounce of energy and they demand so much time our happiness suffers.

When we are submerged with the weight of massive obligations, whether at home, at work, or with friends, or family, there is no other way to surface except to face our commitments courageously each day until we can find a way to live peacefully with the demands placed on us.

Each day can be a struggle but we can overcome the burdens which seek to control our life. Some people are able to rise to the occasion and free them self from the grasp of obligations. Others desperately need our help to intervene with compassion and guide them to understand how obligations are controlling their life. Facing responsibilities head on can bring freedom and happiness. Looking for avenues to cope with or manage obligations will give us the best opportunity to have more time for happiness. Don’t feel trapped, there are always options.

May the overwhelming obligations that seek to conquer our happiness be lifted and may we share our happiness with those we love.  Everyone deserves happiness and balance in our life.

Conspiracy Theories, Are They True or False?

Who doesn’t like a good conspiracy theory? We can take anything controversial,  create some doubt, assimilate blanket media coverage and keep pumping out the conspiracy.  A consistent narrative will eventually pull in many people and it eventually becomes truth, or maybe it is not the truth. The whole idea of a conspiracy is to stimulate different approaches of reason that either sustain, disprove, create doubt or fuel division.

One conspiracy theory that has always fascinated me is; why have we never returned to the moon, is the moon hollow or solid, is it inhabited, are there bases on the moon which are kept secret, did we really go to the moon, are we secretly sending missions to the moon without public knowledge, have there been discoveries of alien life on the moon, but kept secret in order to maintain the status quo of 21st century life? Why are the craters depth not proportional to the size of the meteor impact? The mathematical anomalies associated with the moon are fascinating and to precise to be coincidence. What is the true origin of the moon? Why are there moonquakes and how do they originate. Supposedly the thought in the 60’s and 70’s was whoever claimed the moon as their territory would have a strategic advantage over the earth. Since it appears nobody has returned to the moon, does that mean no country has a lock on the strategic control of earth? So many questions, all have answers, but are they truth? Who knows, because I have never been to the moon to personally verify any information provided to the public.

We still shoot guns with bullets, just as we did a few hundred years ago. You’re telling me there is not new weapon technology that would make guns as we know them obsolete? The atomic bomb was developed in the 40’s, just imagine how far weapon technology has advanced since then.

To believe we are only as advanced as what we are told and shown would be naive. Any discovery of a planet or an orb close to earth that we could possibly travel to, or inhabit would seen like an obtainable goal to me in todays world of technological advancements. However there is simply to much money to be made on earth from antiquated technology by holding back on the most recent discoveries. New technologies could revolutionize the way we live on earth but with our current economic and belief system, there is little incentive to cue the public in on what has been accomplished. The issue to me is we are purposefully kept behind the curve on many futuristic technologies that would seem unbelievable and straight out of a sci-fi movie. I suggest only a select group of specialized individuals are privy to amazing discoveries which hold the key that can open doors to new frontiers. I feel quite confident we have developed propulsion technology and transport technology that far surpasses your typical rocket launch which puts satellites and astronauts in earth orbit. If a person can imagine something, then anything is possible.

What is your conspiracy theory………………………??????

Why Do We Disrespect Others?

Are we so proud of ourselves that we feel a duty to pour scorn on everybody who disagrees with us?

Why do we disrespect others? Are we so proud and full of ourself that we feel a duty to pour scorn on everybody who makes a mistake or disagrees with us? People with bad attitudes, inflated egos, and the belief they are better than others force their disrespect on us every day. No matter how gifted we are, someone is always more or less skilled on the physical and mental plane, yet we are all the same in ways that appear hard to measure. We are all on the same road, which begins with birth, then we fulfill a purpose in life, and then we face death. We are all subjects on the same planet, all of us with a body, mind, and soul, no particular person is better than the next. People have forgotten where they came from, what and who is really important in life and respect is a trait that is quickly becoming a lost art.

Imagine standing in line on an infinite circle that has no beginning or no end, we cannot get off the circle. Are we in a position that is superior to anyone else on the circle? When the line has no beginning or no end, it doesn’t matter where we stand. We cannot get off the circle and there is no advantage in the order to where we stand. It would make no sense to look at the person beside of us as being more favorable or less favorable than our position on the circle. We would all occupy an equal part of the circle.

Is there abuse, inequality, injustice, and prejudice carried out by people? Of course there is, but it makes little sense to add to the fray since we are all equal parts of the Human Race. When encountering someone who struggles with life, why not show some respect and compassion?  When we encounter someone who is highly successful, give a compliment, take notes, and strive to learn from them.

Instead of gloating over being right or being the best, wouldn’t it be nice to be humble and show compassion to others. Our voyage from the beginning is one from blindness to enlightenment. It makes sense to help others and to be kind for all the times we have been maltreated. Some say respect is earned, I say respect is learned, starting very young at home with the love and guidance of a compassionate parent.