Conspiracy Theories Are Made To Confuse, Maybe or Maybe Not.

Who doesn’t like a good conspiracy theory? We can take anything controversial,  create some doubt, assimilate blanket media coverage, keep pumping out the conspiracy.  Consistently push that false narrative and it becomes truth, or maybe it is the truth.

One conspiracy theory that has always fascinated me is; why have we never returned to the moon, is the moon a solid object, is it inhabited, are there bases on the moon which are kept secret, did we really go to the moon, are we secretly sending missions to the moon without public knowledge, have there been discoveries of alien life on the moon, but kept secret in order to maintain the status quo of 21st century life?  Supposedly the thought in the 60’s and 70’s was whoever claimed the moon as their territory would have a strategic advantage over the earth. Since it appears nobody has returned to the moon, does that mean no country has a lock on the strategic control of earth?

Personally I believe we are far more advanced in technology than what we are led to believe. Any discovery of a planet or an orb close to earth that we could possibly travel to, or inhabit would seen like an obtainable goal to me in todays world of technological advancements. However there is simply to much money to be made on earth from antiquated technology by holding back on the most recent discoveries. New technologies could revolutionize and have revolutionized the way we live on earth. The issue to me is we are purposefully kept behind the curve on many futuristic technologies that would seem unbelievable and straight out of a sci-fi movie. I suggest only a select group of specialized individuals are privy to amazing discoveries which hold the key that can open doors to new frontiers which the general population is unaware of. I feel quite confident we have developed propulsion technology and transport technology that far surpasses your typical rocket launch which puts satellites and astronauts in earth orbit. If a person can imagine something, it is possible.

What is your conspiracy theory………………………??????
















Why Do We Disrespect Others?

Are we so proud of ourselves that we feel a duty to pour scorn on everybody who disagrees with us?

Why do we disrespect others? Are we so proud of ourself that we feel a duty to pour scorn on everybody who disagrees with us? No matter how gifted we are, someone is always more or less skilled on the physical and mental plane, yet we are all the same in ways that appear hard to measure. We are all on same road, which begins with birth, then we fulfill a purpose in life, and then we face death. We are all subjects on the same planet, all of us with a body, mind, and soul, no particular person is better than the next.  Yet we allow a myriad of events to shape our attitude which gives us an inflated ego, the sense of being all knowing, and the belief we better than others.

Imagine standing in line on an infinite circle that has no beginning or no end, we cannot get off the circle. Are we in a position that is superior to anyone else on the circle? When the line has no beginning or no end, it doesn’t matter where we stand. We cannot get off the circle and there is no advantage in the order to where we stand. It would make no sense to look at the person beside of us as being more favorable or less favorable than our position on the circle. We would all occupy an equal part of the circle.

Is there abuse, inequality, injustice, and prejudice? Of course there is, but it makes little sense to add to the fray. When encountering someone who struggles with life, why not show some respect and compassion?  When we encounter someone who is highly successful, give a compliment, take notes, and strive to learn from them.

Instead of gloating over being right or being the best, wouldn’t it be nice to show compassion to others. Our voyage from the beginning is one from blindness to enlightenment. It makes sense to help others and to be kind for all the times we have been maltreated.