The New Year Bell Tolls, Out With the Old

I will meet you at the cusp of this New Year when the midnight bell tolls with a resounding echo reverberating over the land. The old year has ended, a New Year begins. Together we will take a giant leap into a new realm of opportunity bursting with new possibilities. With this new dawn comes hope that our New Year offers us the chance to proceed with a benevolent purpose to become a better person, to worship, chuckle, and thrive. We can make amends, touch someones heart, and pray for goodwill, all it takes is a little effort. This New Year is totally up to us to control our actions and reactions for the benefit of better relationships. Father Time propels the wheels of motion and has ushered in this New Year begging for new habits instead of old routines.

While mistakes of the past are not forgotten, we will not be controlled by troubles, regret, or anxiety. Auld lang syne saunters with us each step we take, but the present moment changes anything that happened in the past. Bygone days pester us to seek pity for opportunities we neglected, but this is the year for confidence and strength to conquer our failures. We will rise above our tormentors, they did not bring us happiness, we will let them go. Our ambitions will be commanded to make a new day with a new way. We will open a new book to fill it with love and memories worthwhile.

God be with us through and through, the New Year bell tolls for you. Gods blessings for the days ahead. May our conflicts be rare and may serene days fill our heart and soul. Let us share in humanity with compassion and understanding. God grant us the motivation for our friendships to flourish. The bell has tolled, we shall answer it with renewed enthusiasm for a Happy New Year and lots of love.

steve cowgar

Golden Christmas

With each passing year our destination draws near. The precious moments captured in the window of our soul warms our heart with all we’ve seen. Olden days of yesterday, golden days for the years ahead, that’s what we love.

I love to be with you this golden Christmas Day, our heart and soul filled with the gift of Jesus.

We are blessed this evening to stroll by the ocean, a gentle breeze, waves methodically reaching the distant shore. The solemn sandy beach is empty, our day fading with the sitting sun. The shadows cast their form, the daylight hours fade away. An evening chill has settled in, our hearts grow tender with memories of yore, of gifts and love. The troubles flee, they are cast adrift miles away, no worries, only glee. Our faithful family and friends forever in our heart, loved ones of times gone by tucked beautifully in our minds.

I’m holding you tight this Christmas evening my love, side by side we are cradled together, two souls are one. There is no better place, no better time, and no better love than you, my darling. With each passing year our destination draws near. The precious moments captured in the window of our soul warms our heart with all we’ve seen. Olden days of yesterday, golden days for the years ahead, that’s what we love. We have each other dear, a treasure trove bursting with life.

This magnificent Christmas evening we are inseparable, rest must come, our day fulfilled. Goodnight my love, I’ll keep you close this golden Christmas night. May God bless you love with all the blessings you need. Tomorrow will come, we must believe.

steve cowgar

Freedom, Or The Enemy?

If we understand what is corrupting us and its dangers, our enemy has less power to occupy our thoughts, words, and actions. We cannot give the enemy a chance to hold us hostage

Can we find freedom from alluring temptations and immoral principles that our enemies cast with the hope of holding us hostage? The battle rages within us to adhere to our principles and implement our strategy to do what is right. Often we are overcome with the illusion of elevating our self to a disillusioned reality. Our enemies are very good at manipulating the truth and presenting a package of grandeur which creates conflicting interactions with what we know to be true.

By nature of birth, we have the potential to be tempted and manipulated with every step we take. We are highly susceptible to be drawn into distasteful behavior from a single word that comes from an entire chapter or a single challenge that wanes in comparison to a lifetime lived for righteous ideals. We must be very aware and careful about how we process information which seems out of line with our principles. If we understand what is corrupting us and its dangers, our enemy has less power to occupy our thoughts, words, and actions. We cannot give the enemy a chance to hold us hostage. Our reasoning power to process right and wrong scenarios gives us the opportunity to make sound decisions. Clarity often comes when we realize our dispute is not with others, it is actually with judging and arguing with ourselves. Our confidence can grow when we are surrounded by survivors who have faced similar circumstances that threaten to dishonor us.

Knowing and understanding our antagonists ambition and purpose, gives us a chance to conquer the enemy and secure an opportunity to enrich our life. Our existence can become very guilt ridden and depressing when we cede our will to adversaries. Even in difficult circumstances, our mind can forge astonishing concepts to overcome our foes grip. If we can take charge and get control of our life, we will not become accountable to enemies which seek to undermine our self worth. Our journey through life assures that we will be accountable to someone at some point in time and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are our enemy. We can still maintain our sense of control and manage how we interface with accountability.

Why should we accommodate our enemies desires when we know there is a price to pay in regards to our own ethical code of honor?

Courage and Faith Overcomes Challenges

We all have days when mustering courage to put one foot in front of the other seems impossible. Our ability to confront challenging circumstances can be compromised by inaction when we desperately need resolution. This is not necessarily a bad situation to be in. It brings us to the realization that the end of our tolerance has approached and we must summons our inner strength for answers. Even as our inner strength guides us to seek Divine help, our self doubt and misfortune tugs at our resolve to overcome misery. We may find it very challenging to let go of the things which cause us great despair and stalling to take any initiative to resolve issues kills our motivation to move forward. We have a choice of wallowing in agony, or moving forward with a degree of certainty.

We may not be able to completely resolve our problems. However, we must have faith that answers will come to encourage a change in our thinking about how we deal with any challenging circumstance. Our goal should always be toward improvement not absolute perfect resolution because many times there is no direct or perfect path to resolution. We have to find a way to be at peace while facing challenges. If we call upon our faith with humility, and desire Gods favor, possibilities and solutions will be available. As solutions come to us, we can begin to make small changes and adjust our route. We can take a step forward each day, putting distance between us and any circumstance that challenges our faith.

In order for us to exist and accomplish outstanding feats in our life, we must have faith. Any accomplishment in our life which came to fruition due to our actions had to be based on a dream, a belief, or a possibility that something could be accomplished. I call that dream, belief, or possibility, “faith.” When we reach a point where we simply find our circumstances unbearable, our faith in God to help us overcome difficult events will be the driving force which inspires us to move forward and thrive. The door to possibilities for new avenues of thought, resolution, and strength can open endless streams of Divine energy which can propel us to lofty heights. Faith will be our closest ally when we need help to overcome any obstacle we face. If we do not activate our faith, we will certainly fall victim to our dilemmas.

May the world be kind to us, may we be kind to the world, and may we all find happiness within our self and in each other.