Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual growth does not happen over night, it is a daily regime that grows and matures over time.

Spiritual enlightenment is a daily routine. No matter how much we do today, we must move onward to the next day. Making strides is often slight and we feel our effort is useless. It becomes hard to start each day with renewed enthusiasm, yet that is exactly what we must do.

When we have the luxury of advice, know how, and the right conditions, the bulk of our focus should be on such a simple day to day awareness of these traits. They are the traits that can methodically contribute to our spirituality. No one ever soared to heaven in a single leap. Spiritually is attained by steady ascent, like a challenging trek to a mountaintop. The ascent is lengthy and the path is steep. It takes a lot of effort to get there, we should enjoy the view along the way and believe that the scene at the top will be absolutely astonishing. If we stumble, we must pick ourself up and continue on the path.

Victory in spiritual life comes from devotion everyday. This strong discipline sustains our climb to the summit.

Stand Up Today

Take a stand, believe and act.

Stand up and believe in your possibilities to fulfill your potential, on this very spot, on this very day. Put your plan into action, stay focused with an unyielding determination to fulfill your purpose in life. Don’t follow anyone else or let them determine your potential. You have the power to manifest a direction of purpose and fulfillment for yourself.

Tenacity to navigate and progress through the journey of life is a required strength. Without that tenacity and progress we become lost in the shuffle. Death is inevitable, don’t let it be from loss of determination to succeed in life, let it be from a long life of trying to become a better person. As long as the force of life is within us, we should use resourcefulness to hurdle lifes struggles and understand our vision to overcome them.

Everyone experiences unforeseen elation and everyone will know pain when our loved ones depart this life. We have to be able to accept both emotions because it is natures life cycle. Life goes on, we must constantly adjust and adapt at any given moment to unforeseen circumstances, good or bad.

With each passing day, our life becomes more precious. We should take every opportunity to take a stand and strive to fulfill our dreams and potential.
The poetry in our life is only possible by believing, acting, focusing, and determining to take a stand to move forward in the most persistent and compassionate way possible.

Let It Go

If you are holding onto an idea that is outdated, let it go.

An old outdated image of ourself and old ideas brings some of the most unhappy moments in life, everybody struggles with this. We can hang on to our outdated lifestyle to keep friends who think like us, or we can hang on to a job we dislike in order to have a big house and a high priced car. Old ideas become comfortable because they fit our way of thinking. We become complacent and narrow minded which closes the door to new options.

Let us not forget we are all part of nature which progresses through the stages of creation, flourishing, withering, and death. At any stage, old ways may be dying and new ideas may be waiting to arise. When we hinder this cycle, we stifle any progress by clinging to ideas that are no longer useful.

There is no value in hanging on to outdated ideas or things that need to be let go of? What are we clinging to? Something we know is wrong? Perhaps an outdated idea? Maybe negative thinking? Is someone holding us back? Whatever it is, let it go. Releasing the old gives us the opportunity to embrace the new. With the new comes a greater understanding of ourself and a chance to accept fresh ideas. Rev up, seek out bold new ideas, and discover something refreshing that inspires a change to the old thought process. Sometimes the old becomes the new by being rediscovered and updated. Life passes us up unless we update our thought process. Even a computer releases the old for new updates. Shouldn’t we be able to do the same?