Shysters and Snakes

Their conscience is clouded, their lies will stay with them, and they will have no peace. Yet, they can be redeemed.

Shysters and snakes love to charm and spin their tainted words of deceit with great care. They boast about forthcoming gains and concoct lies conceived in quick sand that is portrayed as solid ground. They insist everything will be ok, listen to what I say, there will be no consequences and just think of the advantages. Thats usually their line of smoke and mirrors, they take advantage of the weak and spin their influence to feed their greed and to take advantage of people. They believe they are clever, but have not spoken from the heart. Their conscience is clouded with lies and deceit which will stay with them throughout their life, they will have no peace. It may seem unlikely these snakes and shysters can be redeemed, yet they can through the grace of God.  The choice is theirs, yet they ignore the righteous path. The shyster and the snake are waiting for an opportunity to strike, keep your distance and move along. You will be glad you did.