Ones Pattern & Picture, Your Responsibility

Your choice, either beautiful and on track or aimlessly in torment and drudgery.

The older we get, the more we become aware of aging. Recalling the excitement and innocence of our childhood becomes a task to recapture. When we look at earlier photos we are enamored by our youthful appearance and flawless face. Quickly we are reminded that we must acknowledge our aging facade. The passage of time is a realization we begrudgingly fall prey to.

All we have and all we do and think is registered within us and upon us. The pattern and picture of our life that emerges is up to us. There is no logical reason to go through life aimlessly and let thoughtlessness or randomness shape us. Surely as one embraces those acts, they will be severely weathered and repulsive. Our journey through time is up to us, it is our sole responsibility to emerge through the corridors of each moment beautifully and on track and not detour aimlessly into the vast expanse of torment and drudgery.

Have a beautiful day, it’s what you deserve. May the best be yours.