Enemies Tempt by Arrogance & Evil

Happiness in the heart in the heart with God at the helm is better than all the arrogance and evil spewed by those who thrown away Gods principles. Pray to God with all your heart and blessings to all.

The temptation and excitement to be drawn into devious situations that promise fulfillment is always present, ready to nab you at your weakest moment. We have all been there and hopefully overcame the challenges of that moment. True happiness occurs from following your moral code that should have been cultivated through teachings of righteousness at a young age and continuing through adulthood. A person flourishes because they have built their foundation for life on scriptural principals. Evil will challenge every day to dominate thoughts and actions, but it cannot win if a person calls upon the righteous foundation on which they stand.

Many countries stand up and crow, they worship their money, their power, and they promote acts which poison their people. This does not have to happen, but we allow it to happen because we follow instead of leading. We all have the power to fracture the control that chokes the human spirit and the power to expel all who seek to exploit us. The immense power of people praying for action and guidance to overcome the grip that has been slowly tightening around our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can free us from those who set out to control, manipulate, and exploit us for monetary or personal gain. The force of evil never wants us to be unified because there is colossal power through unity as a human race and unity in prayer. Constant division by political parties, race, gender, internal and national conflicts keeps us in an uproar, unable to come together as a country or a world for our spiritual growth and awakening. We find it hard to concentrate and the everyday static from vile sources seek to thwart our search for truth. Evil is persistent, often unseen but it can be recognized and will always be defeated by goodness.

The arrogant infest our life everyday, they tell us how we should live, what we should do, and how we should spend our money. Many of the pompous schmucks speak out of both sides of their mouth, telling us what we want to hear while doing something else. They believe their lies, they are deceitful, and place little value on life. Words from the mouths of the conceited wreak of venom, their flamboyant speech is insincere.  They will crow and they will eventually belly flop on their own words.  They will hang them selves because they have defied righteousness.

Our enemies taunt us. They say we have no God who will help us in our time of need. Yet we know this is not true, still our enemies persist. The day is promised when our enemies will be reduced to nothing.  We must take refuge in that promise.  When we go to bed at night and roll out in the morning, who sustained us through the night? Who will sustain us through the day? Who do we call upon when we are in distress, who do we call upon when we need mercy and our prayer to be heard? Who lends us an ear for our words, and who do we call upon when we want to live in safety. There is only one correct answer to these questions, the answer is God. Our offerings are those spoken of in the scriptures, of morality, and goodness.

Happiness in the heart with God at the helm is better than all the deceitful arrogance and evil spewed by those who have lost Gods principles.  Stick to your morals, values and principles. Pray to God with all your heart and blessings to all.

Actions Can Deceive

Life experiences can help overcome deceitful actions

A persons actions can fool us unless we have diverse experiences in life. If a person is boisterous we might think they are obnoxious, perhaps they are, but it is possible they might actually be nice. We might see a beautiful person who is shy and reserved, perhaps they are, but we could become content and be unaware of deceitful behavior which was used to exploit us. If we contact people with a closed mind, with little experience of a diverse life, and in a disrespectful or aggressive manner, they are likely to be very defensive and we may not realize the good traits within them.

The world is full of people who present them self exactly as they are, what you see is what you get. However the world is also full of deceitful people who mask their true self, what you see is not what you get.

We have a lot in common with animals, we use different tactics for our survival based on the outcome we want. Animals use many skills to deceive, such as camouflage, threatening vocal behavior, or a threatening pose. Humans are no different, they also pose many things through deception in order to leverage them self. Folks may proclaim lifelong bonds with friends if it benefits them, yet never return. People may guarantee many things, when actually they are looking for a way to take advantage of a situation.

Diverse experiences in life helps to clearly understand actions regardless of deceit. Always put yourself in the most beneficial position around others, or at least stay on equal ground. Be yourself, protect yourself, and see through the veil. Our experience in life is valuable to overcome the imposters who seek to deceive and take advantage of weakness or in some cases goodness. Live wisely, evaluate actions before choosing words, and know who you are dealing with.