Stand Up Today

Take a stand, believe and act.

Stand up and believe in your possibilities to fulfill your potential, on this very spot, on this very day. Put your plan into action, stay focused with an unyielding determination to fulfill your purpose in life. Don’t follow anyone else or let them determine your potential. You have the power to manifest a direction of purpose and fulfillment for yourself.

Tenacity to navigate and progress through the journey of life is a required strength. Without that tenacity and progress we become lost in the shuffle. Death is inevitable, don’t let it be from loss of determination to succeed in life, let it be from a long life of trying to become a better person. As long as the force of life is within us, we should use resourcefulness to hurdle lifes struggles and understand our vision to overcome them.

Everyone experiences unforeseen elation and everyone will know pain when our loved ones depart this life. We have to be able to accept both emotions because it is natures life cycle. Life goes on, we must constantly adjust and adapt at any given moment to unforeseen circumstances, good or bad.

With each passing day, our life becomes more precious. We should take every opportunity to take a stand and strive to fulfill our dreams and potential.
The poetry in our life is only possible by believing, acting, focusing, and determining to take a stand to move forward in the most persistent and compassionate way possible.