We Are More Than Just A Physical Body

We frequently look at our bodies as something that is physical, solid, observable, and perceptible.  If this is the case, how do we explain our will, our mind, and our spirit?


The overwhelming belief that our physical body projects who we are to ourself and to others is a total misunderstanding of who we really are. There is nothing on this earth we know better than ourself which should be all inclusive and not just a physical body. Many people worship the body they see in a mirror, completely ignoring the internal functions powered by God which brings forth their life. Our physical body does not propel itself without an inner engine. It’s the inner workings of God which ignites all functions of the physical being.

We frequently look at our bodies as something that is physical, solid, observable, and perceptible.  If this is the case, how do we explain our mind, will and emotions? Think for one moment of a living body and then an expired body, what propels life and energizes the body to function? When a body expires, it is physically present but there is nothing inside to propel it. This empty vessel is not who we were, the divine energy that powered the body has escaped.  Although the expired body is present, it is incomplete and it would be unwise to consider only our physical body. A living body is fully functional both outwardly and internally. A live person is full of divine energy which propels life and determines who we really are.

Lets think of our mind as an infinite source of actions, ideas, and functions which come from God. These are internal forces powered by God that cannot be processed by our five senses. The internal mechanisms of God determine our actions which are  functions that power the physical body, they must work together. Do not think for a minute that our body alone is who we are, for it is our inner being,  the force of God, that brings forth the person we know. I consider it impossible to know the bounds of our body, mind, will, and emotions which work in harmony to propel us to live in this world. The more we analyze ourself, the more we realize our external body alone is not who we are.  We begin to understand our physical appearance and actions are just a vehicle for our inner mechanisms which are orchestrated by God. We put so much emphasis on our external body that we totally neglect the infinite power of the mind which is of God and guides the operations of the physical body.

While our internal body runs the external body, we cannot afford to completely ignore our physical body, that would be a disaster. Examining and being fully aware of our outward appearance and presentation is a good starting point to discover the magnificence of God. Our existence can be modified by changing our eating habits. pursuing our spirituality, and by committing to exercise along with a healthy lifestyle. This can enhance the performance of our body, mind, will, and emotions. When we liberate ourself from the outward dilemmas we associate with our physical body. we will be in a better position to be in touch with God.

Our quest to discover the potential of our mind, will and emotions should never be over run by our desire for the perfect physical body. Again it is important to maintain the body to ensure our engine fires properly, but putting all of our focus on the physical body ignores the potential for all of our systems to be balanced, in harmony, and to grow exponentially to achieve our true potential with God. The realization that our inner fire controls the external flame which becomes who we really are is a good step to becoming a person who is at peace with their true self. If a person strives to keep their body in good condition and peers beyond the flesh with God at the helm, consider yourself a wise person.

Steve Cowgar

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