Valentines Day, Love is Eternal

On Valentines Day let us celebrate with the ones we love, many in person and loved ones who have passed, but forever etched in our mind.
The significance of love cannot be discovered by ourself, love must be discovered with another person. Without love, what is our purpose? Our natural calling is love, our character is not measured by how much we love, it is measured by how much we are loved by others. Love is a representation of eternity. It can erase any connection to time, obliterating any recollection of the birth of dawn and all worries about an expiration which is eminent. The minutes and hours can be idle for those who delay, too sudden for those who are distressed, too great for those who mourn, too little for those who celebrate, but for those who love, time is never ending. Love puts life together, the depressed apart, and the joy in our heart. For it was not the words you whispered to me, it was your words that whispered into my heart. Who among us could be poor if we are loved? Happy Valentines Day my Dear and Happy Valentines Day to all my beautiful family and friends.


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