Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual growth does not happen over night, it is a daily regime that grows and matures over time.

Spiritual enlightenment is a daily routine. No matter how much we do today, we must move onward to the next day. Making strides is often slight and we feel our effort is useless. It becomes hard to start each day with renewed enthusiasm, yet that is exactly what we must do.

When we have the luxury of advice, know how, and the right conditions, the bulk of our focus should be on such a simple day to day awareness of these traits. They are the traits that can methodically contribute to our spirituality. No one ever soared to heaven in a single leap. Spiritually is attained by steady ascent, like a challenging trek to a mountaintop. The ascent is lengthy and the path is steep. It takes a lot of effort to get there, we should enjoy the view along the way and believe that the scene at the top will be absolutely astonishing. If we stumble, we must pick ourself up and continue on the path.

Victory in spiritual life comes from devotion everyday. This strong discipline sustains our climb to the summit.

Author: Steve

I believe what is spoken from the heart and soul speaks volumes about who we really are. When our heart and soul becomes overpowered by ego, anger, deception and insincerity, we often speak foolishly. If actions and words are not from our innermost being we are not who we want to be. I believe in speaking from the heart and soul, I've found most folks prefer genuine people. I encourage you to listen to your heart and soul, to speak of the things that have brought light and wisdom into your life. The topics I present are heartfelt and come from years of experience with life, research and common sense. I extend my sincere wishes for the best to come your way. Thank you God for uplifting traits within us all that brings out the best of who we are. I look forward to your comments.

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